Saturday, August 22, 2009

Congrats and the concert

First of all, congrats to a dear blogger friend on the birth of her son!! Can't wait to see his pics!

The concert was a long night. Due to unforeseen events, we left pretty late. But we walked onto the lawn right as Incubus was playing the first song. They were really good and played lots of our favorite songs. It didn't rain on us! It was a little muddy in spots, but it all worked out and it was fun. I just feel like concerts like that are too much trouble... two hours of driving, lots of walking, then everything in reverse for about 1.5 hours of music. Plus money and leaving Boo behind. So I don't think we will go to any concerts for a while. Maybe something closer to home next time. Boo was so happy to see us at 2am when he woke up, he couldn't go back to sleep. I was happy to see him too of course.

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