Monday, August 24, 2009

My Little Monster!

If this is not the cutest monster you've ever seen...

We tried on Boo's Halloween costume tonight. It was so cute. Note the three eyes, horns, and the extra two arms. And the tummy is padded. It is so super cute! It's a tad big which should be perfect by Halloween. It's from BRU. They had some absolutely precious costumes for babies of all sizes. They were only $24.99! I love! They had monkey, lion, dinosaur, and others. I just had to have the three-eyed four-armed silly horned blue monster for my little monster! Hope we don't scare anybody too much!
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  1. awww! So cute!!!

    I get my full suit costumes for my kids each year from old navy. A week or so before halloween, they are 50% off and I get them for a steal. It's cold here on oct 31st, so I need to get them in nice warm outfit.

    I like that one a lot!

  2. What an adorable lil monster you have there.


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