Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Cosleeping is one of those things I said we wouldn't do, but it's pretty much what we are doing. We always put Boo in the playpen in our room. He used to sleep all night. Now he wakes up all night 10 times. I put him to sleep, then put him back in his bed, then he wakes up 2 seconds later and starts screaming and standing up. Then I put him in bed with me. Some nights we end up with Boo, Nathan, and me in the bed. For me to get to sleep at least till 4am, Nathan sleeps in our room with Boo, and I sleep in another room. If I am in the room, Boo wants me and wants to nurse. When he's in bed with Nathan, he still gets up, but the pacifier settles him down. So it's not the best situation, but it's what is working for us right now. When I was doing all the nighttime baby care, I was getting ZERO sleep. I was about to have a complete breakdown of body and soul. Nathan would try to help, but until we did separate rooms, it didn't work. I really hope that other babies out there do better. But this is our story, and I'm ok with how things are going. We get judged by our family and friends. People always tell me what to do, and that's ok. I've learned to deal with it. We will do what works for us. We will keep working on getting Boo to sleep on his own.


  1. You gotta do what works for you all as a family! And a family needs sleep. :) So, don't feel the need to explain your sleeping arrangements. Without sleep I believe one will go crazy.

  2. I definitely wasn't judging, I was just questioning what you were saying cause I wasn't sure that's what you were doing.

    Bummer on the sleeping thing. My room is a no-child room. Always had been, always will. I don't know if this is because I have never had them in my room ever, or it's just how it worked out.

    Good luck though!


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