Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good times

We had a lot of fun with Pawpaw. I think Boo is just what Pawpaw needed to wake up and enjoy life. I wish Pawpaw would have already been enjoying life, but I am glad that he is now. They really have a special relationship and I hope Pawpaw is around for a long time! We bought the flowers for Mawmaw's grave. Then I picked up some cute canvas bags for Mya and Boo and some iron ons and paint pens. I thought that would be something fun for us to do. I like crafts, but with a baby... It has to be quick. Pawpaw wanted to pay for them, which was really nice. Then we went to Walmart and picked up a few things. Then out to eat where Boo sat in the high chair and ate his baby food. It was a nice time together. Then back home for a nap and cleaning house.

We had the nursery at church today and that was fun. We visited with the family. Then we brought a baby gift to a friend who is very young and having twin girls sometime soon. She looked great and the family has everything ready for the babies. Then Nathan's parents came over with his nephews. So a busy day, but a good one. Now time for dinner and relaxing and playing and bathtime and .....

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