Thursday, August 27, 2009


I think I might be crazy, but... I've decided to give cloth diapers a try. My mom is really going to think I'm crazy! It is just really bothering me when I think of the moutain of trash my child's diapers create! So I've ordered enough to give it a good try, but not so much to be terrible if we don't like it. First we will just use them at home and see how it goes. We will probably use disposables at night until we get the hang of it during the day. Nathan has actually been on board with the idea. He likes the idea of saving money I think. Now seems to be a good time to get started. Boo is just getting into size medium for diaper covers, and the poops are a little more solid, but still nasty. I have some ideas in mind to make it work. I bought 3 diaper covers, 16 prefolds, a few inserts, and the liners all from I spent $85. I won't be asking babysitters to use disposables right now. So I'll still be buying disposables. We'll just see how it goes, how much it saves, and if we want to stick with it. I appreciate any advice on cloth diapering!


  1. We love love cloth diapering we have been doing since 2 weeks old. We use some prefolds with snappis but mostly use fitted diapers. If you come across any problems, you can ask over at my blog. I have previous cloth diapered for the past 2 years so I have lots of experience.

    Did you get a wet bag for your home and a wet bag for the diaper bag to put your dirty diapers in. We like planet wise wet bags for the go and swaddlebees wetbag for the home.

    If you get any stains on your prefold just lay them out in the sun after a wash cycle for about 30 minutes and the sun will naturally bleach it out. Same with cloth wipes. Works Wonders.

    Good luck I hope it works out for you. Dont let anyone discourage you in your use of cloth. My family wasnt all so excited about it at first but now they have it down.

  2. We've used cloth since birth and use mostly prefolds and snappis and wool as covers and ADORE it. Feel free to pick my brain!

  3. I used cloth diapers with Ray and plan to do it again with this baby. It can be a little tough in the begining, but once you get the hang of it and get in the groove it isn't bad at all. I actually really like using clothe diapers!


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