Friday, August 28, 2009


I can't hardly believe it! Boo is taking a real nap! In his bed! He is a bad sleeper daytime and nighttime. Maybe he's just tired from being up all night. He has another nasty bump on his head that looks infected, probably a bug bite. We have prescription antibiotic cream and oral antibiotics that we didn't give him last time we can try.

Nathan wants to drag us to Houston to trade in the Charger... GRrr... I can't fight him on this. I don't really care what car I drive as long as it is safe and we can all fit in it. Hopefully we leave soon and Boo does ok in the car.

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  1. Sorry about the bump on the head! Dang mosquitos!

    And my hubby is a huge car guy too, so I understand what you like you, my car is to get me where I'm going safely with all of us!


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