Thursday, August 6, 2009


I actually got some sleep last night, and I am feeling much better today. I slept in the spare room. Nathan had to make me. So he kept Boo and stayed up with him. Boo was up and down from 1 am till 3:30 am, so I hear. I didn't sleep great, but it was better. I guess all these months of not sleeping, and now I can't sleep well even with no interruptions. At 4:30, I couldn't sleep at all, so I crawled in bed with Boo and Nathan and laid there for a while. At 5 I fed Boo and we all slept till 7. So Nathan was late to work. Oh well.

Tomorrow night we are having a dinner at our house with some of Nathan's buddies, so that will be fun. I need to make the house look a little cleaner. No other plans as of yet. Hopefully just hang out at the house and relax and take care of Boo.

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  1. I'm glad you got some sleep!! So very important! I'm the same way...even when I have an opportunity to sleep longer, I still wake up at 4 am!


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