Thursday, August 13, 2009

Less Stress

When I look at my life in the details, I do have a lot of stress... I get little sleep. Sometimes I don't get help. I have to work. I try to get to work at a decent time. Hard to get in enough time with my son. Hard to clean house. Hard to deal with other people not doing things exactly how I do. Hard to find time to just relax and not get too busy. These things can really weigh me down sometimes if I let them.

But from time to time I remind myself how blessed I am. I have a wonderful healthy child. I have a good job that is flexible with me. I have family and friends that love me.

Those are the important things. The things I need to work on are:
1. Asking for help when I need it and not getting to the point where I am about to have a break down.
2. Getting to work earlier. Part is getting more middle of the night help so I can wake up earlier and part is coordinating better with Paulina to meet up and get to work.
3. Getting home earlier after work. It's hard because I like to visit with my family. But I need to have a little more time in the evening to have a decent meal and a few minutes to relax at night.

I think I am doing better on #1. #2 and #3 need a little work. But they are really nothing that I should stress myself over.

My life is tough right now mostly because of little sleep. This will get better in time. I love being mommy to the cutest baby in the world. I wouldn't trade it in for an easy life!


  1. I know you struggle.. and I am sorry.. but plenty of moms have done it and still do it.. just remember it won't be forever and your not the only one.. HUGS!!.. i hope things get better for you.

  2. Yup. All I can say is I understand. I know I'm not working right now, but I worked everyday except maternity leave through the 3rd baby being, what? 5 months old?

    yes yes. It's AMAZING how much the "asking for help" thing is. And it's amazing how much less help we really get from our husbands who we thought would be wonderful, eh? Although we're at a 50/50 split with child rearing now, it took some time and quite a few breakdowns. You'll get there.



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