Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New day same story

Another rough night. Nathan tried to help, but if I'm there Boo wants me. Tonight they will just have to have boy night. I am going to attempt to sleep in the spare room. I have had generous offers for help from family, but I really think we need to deal with this on our own for now at least. I think Nathan needs this experience. And I need sleep and I need to let go a little bit. I'm feeling disoriented today like I'm on drugs. Sleep deprivation is getting to me. I think Nathan is going to have to come home and take care of Boo right after work. No running errands and messing around. This momma needs a break.

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  1. aww.. I'm really sorry. I can't say I feel ur pain because my babies slept realllly good.. but I do understand... I hope you get a GOOD nights sleep tonight and I hope and pray the nights get better for all of you.. lots HUGS sent your way!!


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