Monday, August 17, 2009

Momma's boy

This child is a momma's boy all the way. I know it's normal development, but it's too cute and sad at the same time. If I leave the room while he is playing or if I hand him off to anybody, he cries. Yesterday at Nathan's grandma's house, I handed Boo to Nathan's aunt. Boo made the saddest face ever and started to howl. After the hour long car ride, he wanted momma. After a few minutes, we tried again and he would let them hold him. But really, he just wanted momma. At bedtime, momma. Middle of the night, momma. He even fussed when Nathan fed him baby food. He did sleep with Nathan last night so I could get some rest. Nathan says he didn't cry much. I crawled in bed with them at 5:30 am. Life is so much better and brighter when I get some sleep! We just had to find a routine that worked for us. We should have found it a little sooner. Tonight I'll take Boo so Nathan can sleep.


  1. My DS was a total momma's boy too for the first year, after he turned one, he became a total Grandpa's boy. It was nice to get a break but I missed it.

  2. What a cowinkydink, I just posted something about Linky getting spoiled too! I guess this is about the time they get clingy!


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