Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls Lunch Date

I'm excited that my friends are meeting me for lunch today! I feel special! I really need more girly time. My life mostly revolves around two boys, and that is ok, but it's good to have time with my friends. They were there for me before I met Nathan and had a baby. They will be there for me no matter what happens. I need to remember that. I will be a better mother and better wife if I have good friends to support me. So thanks girls!

I really need to take pics of Boo. I haven't even gotten out the camera in the last few weeks. With the car and getting no sleep... Excuses I know. So I PLAN on taking some pics tomorrow and trying to post this weekend. Boo looks mostly the same and is about the same size as the last pics. But there is more hair on his head, and any doubters that the kid is a red head.. like his momma, should be convinced now.

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