Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What if men produced children?

Last night my lovely husband... said something crazy. I asked him to rub my back while we were watching tv. He started rubbing it, and then said "I wish I could be pregnant so I could get my back rubbed and get everything I want all the time." I said "I'd be glad to let you be pregnant for a day to see how it feels." It hurt my feelings a little bit, but mostly I thought it was funny. My goal is not to make him do everything, just to help me sometimes. Then he always asks me when I ask him for help, "What do single women do?" I say, "Well I'm not single, and this is supposed to be something for a man and a woman to do together!"

He accepted what I said. But do we really think men could handle all of the aspects of pregnancy? The belly, the back aches, headaches, raging hormones and trying to act normal and not like a freak, tiredness, pain, the list goes on. I'm not complaining, just wondering if he really could handle it.

I also told him I'm starting to have a hard time bathing and shaving my legs, and he might have to help me. I -think- he would help me if it comes down to it, but he didn't seem too thrilled with shaving for me. I told him single women don't have to worry about shaving because no one sees their legs.

And I think for the most part women are more sensitive and caring than men. That's a big statement I know and doesn't apply to every relationship, but that's just my opinion. And (I imagine) something about carrying the child and birthing the child will make me even closer and more sensitive to the baby. Would that happen to a man?

So what do you think about men having the babies?


  1. I think that is a funny thought. I can't imagine what my hubby would be like pregnant. I'm wondering what I'm going to do about shaving my legs and grooming down there. I always do all that myself. I doubt hubby would be willing to do it for me.

  2. It's nice to read about you on your blog - thanks for your comment on mine.

    I would love to see a man have a period - I'd be LMAO at what a baby they would be (giggle).
    And if I could pick a day for a man to be pregnant - I'd pick a day where he would be weeks away from delivery - yet his pelvic bone separating from the babies head in the lower position so he feels stretching and cracking as he walks, and he has to pee a lot all over again from the pressure on the balder - but instead of going to the bathroom to pee- it leaks out on the way. All the wile, colostrum is leaking from his breasts (lol) Yeah! I just love the thought. One day is all it would take fur sure ;)

  3. You are cracking me up Jewels. I haven't quite gotten to the pelvis cracking, leaking bladder, leaking breast stage, but I'm picturing it on DH and cracking up!


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