Thursday, October 16, 2008

Radiant momma

I really like this! Why can't people say something like this instead of "You are looking pregnant." I actually had someone call me "Big Hollie" the other day - for real y'all. You can laugh...
People (many) (men and women) ask me how much weight I've gained. When in any other circumstance could people ask that question? Sometimes I want to say "How much have you gained?"


  1. People just don't have a filter whether it's about infertility, pregnancy, cancer, etc. I guess you just have to laugh it off and say "whatever." I love radiant, though. I think I'll mention that if someone tells me I'm starting to look big.

  2. I found your blog from a friends and I am about to start my first IVF cycle on Monday. I was wondering what doctor you used since I am also from the Beaumont area. I can't wait until I get called BIG! Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. kyler - Thanks for commenting. I use Dr. Sherman for my OB and Dr. Schnell for my RE. Both are great. I'm guessing you are seeing Dr. Schnell too. She is very good at getting people pregnant. I pray that you get your BFP soon.

    Try to the ivf forum and to the TTC Infertility Conditions forum and you will find lots of support for ladies TTC and doing IVF.

    If you need advice or have questions, please ask! I always say IVF was the best and worst experience of my life.

    I am enjoying very much carrying this baby and I can't wait to meet him!

  4. I am seeing Dr. Schnell, and I really like her. Her stats are really good also. I am going on monday to do my baseline bloodwork and starting BC also on Monday! I am so excited that after 2 years its is all starting!

  5. I'm so glad you are getting started on your ivf journey! I can't wait to hear how it goes. Things will move fast from here. Don't worry too much about the BC or the Lupron. You shouldn't have any problems with those.


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