Thursday, October 9, 2008

My life today

Today - I'm feeling large. I'm just now starting to feel different and really be aware at all times that my belly is getting big. Everything feels different now. But it's a good thing! I didn't sleep very good last night, so I'm tired today. People seem to stare at my belly now, which is strange. They usually just come out and ask when I'm due, but a few people seem scared to ask.

My wonderful friend Shawn offered to let us have the baby shower at his house. We were going to do it at our house, but my in-laws are also doing a shower at our house, and that would make 2 showers 2 weekends in a row at our house. I know that the hostesses will do most of the work, but I will have to clean up before they get their each time, clean the bathroom, stock the bathroom, and all that. So that will be nice!

Last night we visited one of Nathan's great uncles in the hospital (along with the rest of his family). The uncle was very sick and ended up passing away in the night. So this will be a hard time for that family, so say a little prayer for them. Even when someone is sick for a long time, it's still hard to deal with. So we'll be attending the funeral activities when they occur.

On our way to the hospital, I asked Nathan how many people he thought would rub my belly... I guessed 4, but I was wrong, more like 7 or 8. Then they do it, and ask afterwards if it bothers me. What the heck am I supposed to say? YES, it DOES, so DON'T do it!! That would be mean. Nathan said to grin and bear it... So I made up something like, yeah it does, but it's ok for family. Great, I just gave them a free passport. So maybe if they do it more than once, I'll tell them I have to charge admission. I just don't like it! It's my body. The tummy is close to the boobs... Personal space anybody? My SIL insisted on seeing my belly button... I caved, but I didn't like it. When my belly is super large, she can forget it!


  1. I remember the first time I shut my belly in the car door. Like it grew while I was pumping gas. It freaked me out.

    I'll say a prayer for Nathan's family.

    The belly thing is so funny to me. Some people just are sensitive to other people touching it, I totally respect that. Me? Someone could probably accidently rub my boobies and I wouldnt even notice (lol) Okay, maybe I would a little, but the shock woud be more funny than offensive. Your cute ;)

  2. Hi Hollie! I was so glad to hear from you! Congrats on the baby. Even though you feel large it is soooo beautiful. You have this little life inside of you! Isn't it amazing and exciting?! I'm excited for you and I don't even know you.

    Oh, and I have a confession...I probably would have been one of those people rubbing your belly. I just can't resist. I'm glad to know ahead of time that it bothers you, just incase we ever meet! :)


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