Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 things...

I'm stealing this idea from Nancy since I liked it so much. Today will be things I love and tomorrow will be things I don't love.

10 things I love:

1. God - He has blessed me with so much.

2. Nathan - The love of my life! Can't live without him. Yeah, he can drive me crazy like nobody else, but he's my best friend.

3. Chesley - I love him so much. I love feeling him move around and grow. Last night he did some crazy moves, and for once, Nathan was around to see it. The look on Nathan's face when my belly jumped around was priceless. They are going to be so close! I would do anything for this little boy.

4. My family - I love spending time with mom and dad, my brother and SIL, niece and nephews; MIL, FIL, SIL, her kids, grandparents... I really want to be close to the kids. I was never very close to my aunts and uncles. I want to be a contant thing for them. I know that they will all be crazy about Chesley and give him a great big family to love and be loved.

5. My country - Yeah, sounds corny, but I'm really glad that we live here. We seem to concentrate so much on the problems (which are bad) but really, would we want to live anywhere else? Not me.

The fun part:

6. Makeup - Yes! I love it! The feeling of new makeup is so great. And to know that I can go from looking beat up and tired to glowing and rested in 5 minutes... wonderful!

7. Shopping - I love buying new clothes and shoes(for me, for Nathan, for the baby, for gifts). At the mall, at Target, online, wherever!

8. TV - Yes, I love tv. I love Ghost Whisperer, Medium, What Not to Wear, CSI, House, too many to list. Good thing we have a DVR or I would be glued to the tv. We usually watch one show a night, or sometimes if we don't watch for a few nights, we'll play catch up.

9. Getting good news - I love hearing good news from my friends! I'm so happy every time I hear someone find out they are pregnant! Today is Gretchen's day. When other people are happy, it makes me happy too.

10. Being lazy - I really love to just relax and hang out at home. I am definitely a homebody. This goes along with tv and spending time with Nathan too. I do get bored after a few hours of doing nothing, but it sure feels good after a long day at work to be lazy!

Update on my friend - He suffered some serious injuries, but he is going to be ok! If you don't believe in miracles, you should now. He was cut off by a truck, ran into them, flipped over the truck, and was actually run over by another vehicle. He has tire marks on his rib cage and belly. It's really amazing that he is alive. He broke many ribs, broke his collarbone, broke some of the bones around the vertebrae, and has lots of cuts, gashes, and some deep puncture wounds. We visited him last night, and he is awake, alert, but in a lot of pain. Thank you God for pulling him through this. Please help him in his long recovery.

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  1. :) Maybe I should do a happy post of 10 things I love. But how could I be schnarky?? ~wink~

    SO GLAD for your friend! I witnessed the immediate aftermath of 2 horrific motorcycle accidents...
    1. I was in the car w/ hubby and friend E. We came up on two motorcycles on the ground, one guy standing up and one guy on the ground. E screamed it was her dad's bike. We pulled over and the guy standing was her dad. The other guy, not so lucky. A truck made a left turn across their path and the guy on the ground t-boned the truck, killing him instantly. Poor guy was just laying there in suspended animation.

    2. 6 months later I came upon the same occurance. A truck had pulled out, making a left turn in front of the motorcycle. AGAIN, it was E's dad. Except since he was in the previous accident, when he saw the truck, he didn't want to t-bone it and laid the bike down, slid under it and the driver ran over him, killing him instantly.

    2 exact accidents. Same motorcycle driver. 2 deaths. Both accidents were not the bike rider's fault. I will never ever ever allow anyone I love to ride a bike. Ever.


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