Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok so you all know there are freaks and weirdos out there, but this is really something. On fertility forum, one of the girls is having triplets and has a blog where she posts detailed updates along with belly pics. She is a super cute girl. Well she somehow managed to find pictures from her blog on this freak discussion forum. I don't want to place a link, but if you google for ch..ev-itos plac (without the periods and dash) you will find it and some of the crazy stuff these people talk about and do. I didn't find her pics, but I saw enough.

They basically talk about how they think pregnant ladies are so hot (which is true) but they go overboard. They like to find pics online and in real life. They talked about how they like to go to babierus and take pics of pregnant ladies. They sneak around and take pics wherever they go. The more revealing the clothes, the better. It's really sick. I agree that a pregnant woman is beautiful, and I do like seeing my friends cute and pregnant. And I know that some men find pregnant woman attractive, but most wouldn't go so far as taking pics at the baby store. I found this very disturbing. And for some reason, crime rates victimizing pregnant women are higher than non-pregnant women. Now there are some women who post of this forum soliciting viewers for thier naughty websites (yes pregnant p--o..r/n) and that's strange, but that woman is choosing to showcase her body. You would think the guys would get enough out of that. But there must be more excitement in being sneaky.

My point is not that I'm scared to walk out of the front door, but to be more careful and to make sure everybody knows that the internet is public. I think pregnant ladies should be extra careful about going out alone, especially at night, and be aware of what is going on around you. And as you already know, people are weird.

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  1. I've gotten my fair share of creepy responses to my belly pictures over the years. Men telling me how sexy I am. Creepy.


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