Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a day!

I was hoping to get Nathan to take some pics of me last night, but he was in a really bad mood. He was doing some yardwork, and I went out there and told him that we have a problem in the house. The flat roof above the sun room connected to the nursery was leaking after it rained yesterday. He was not happy. Of course I'm not happy either. He laid a tarp on the floor to prevent any major damage to the floor. We're not too worried about the wooden ceiling. It's bad already. We just had the wood floors refinished, so we want to protect them. They got a little warped yesterday in a couple of spots, but nothing that anybody would notice. BTW our house is super old built in the 1920s. There is always something that needs to be fixed, and he gets frustrated. And when hurricanes come... that just adds to the list. So I'll forgive him for being moody.

This morning I did my 1 hour gestational diabetes test. Yuckola! That orange stuff is nasty. It made me feel a little sick. But it's done! So now next time I go to the dr, I will get my results if not sooner. Then I went home to eat breakfast and finish getting ready for work. It was pouring down rain. I went in the sunroom to check on the leaks and found a steady drip. Great... Then I came to work and had to park far away in the rain and got wet (even with umbrella). Plus I slept horrible last night, up every hour or two. Oh, and last night I -think- I might have had a couple of contractions. It felt like being hit in the tummy and flinching. I had 3 in one hour, less than the 4 in one hour rule. Plus heartburn is kicking my butt.

BUT despite all of the crappiness, I'm feeling ok!


  1. You did your 1 hour already? I got my order, but OB told me to not go until 27 weeks.

    Actually, he gave me the order, but I asked if I could do the 3 hour instead, since I always fail the 1 hour. So in 2 1/2 weeks, I'll just take the 3 hour.

  2. I got the order 2 weeks ago at my last OB visit. She said to do it between 24 and 28 weeks. I figured I would go ahead and have it done so they would have results to look at for my next OB and peri visit in 2 more weeks. Yuck for doing the 3-hour test. There were a few girls there doing that. One girl was doing a 5-hour test!! She got poked every 30 minutes too.


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