Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny story

Mya is really something else. I have a funny story from Saturday to share. I took her with me to a friend's baby shower, and afterwards I took her to the park next our house. I figured she needed to let loose a little bit. She played and played and went down the slide and ran around for a while being the only kid there. Then a little family with mom, dad, and a little girl walked up. We all said hi to each other, and Mya ran up to the little girl to say hi. Mya is very friendly to other kids. The other little girl was a little shy, but she went to the playground and started to play. I talked to the parents, and the girls played. Mya is 2.5 and the other girl (Mandy) is 4. It was funny that Mandy talked to Mya like Mya was also 4. I watched Mya like a hawk to make sure she played nice.

Mya got a little bossy to Mandy, and pulled her around, saying "c'mon" so I had to tell her not to do that. Then Mya pushed Mandy for some reason, and I got on to her about that. Then the other girl tried to get away from Mya, but Mya followed her to the swings. Then Mya decided to pick up a handful of dirt and throw it in Mandy's hair. OMG. The parents were ok about it. I was 1 foot away and couldn't stop her. Mind you, after each of these incidents, I get Mya to say she is sorry to Mandy. Mya doesn't speak very well, but she says her version of "I'm sorry" like "Sarrr eee." The little girl said, "I can't believe she did that. I just washed my hair." I said, "I'm sorry she is little, and we are still trying to teach her how to act." Then Mandy said, "Well, then, we did you bring her here?" The mom told her daughter that was not very nice, and that Mya is only 2. It was funny, but crazy that a 4 year old would say that.


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