Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dr. Appointment

First of all, please pray for my friend Lynn. He was in a really bad motorcycle accident last night. I don't know yet exactly what happened, but I know that he broke his ankle and was run over in his mid-section and has some internal injuries. He's such a great guy, and his wife is super sweet. We are really hoping and praying everything will be ok.

I had my dr appt. yesterday, and everything is ok. I passed my glucose screening! I measured on track. I actually had a litle BH contraction while the dr was measuring me. I didn't even know, but now I know more of what it feels like. I have had some other contractions that I did feel, but as long as they are not regular, then they're ok. I'm supposed to start doing kick counts, where I see how long it takes to get 10 kicks. I did it twice last night, and I got 10 kicks in 10 minutes. Talk about active! I gained 7 pounds this month (YIKES!). Dr said that I am perfectly on track, so ok... Maybe I should lay off the ice cream a little bit though. I start going every 2 weeks now. Then at 32 weeks I go every week and get monitored for the baby's heartrate for 30 minutes. I also still go to the perinatologist every month. My 3-D u/s is in 3 weeks! That will be so fun! So it looks like the busy-ness starts now.

Every time I go to the OB she is out delivering a baby. I have not had an appt where I wasn't there at least 2 hours. She apologized, and I understand that is part of it. But I must have bad luck to have to wait so long every time. And now that I have appointments every 2 weeks and then every week, they won't be late afternoon appointments... So I'll have to miss 1/2 a day of work for each one. I drive 30 minutes to work, and the dr office is close to home. My next appt is at 10 am, so I won't go to work till afterwards. I hope we don't go broke... But I'll do whatever I need to do for this precious little boy.

Next up is perinatologist appt and level II u/s on Friday in Houston.


  1. We will pray for your friend. And I am glad your appt. went great. I was ALWAYS in the doc office for hours n hours.. even at the pedi I still am.. it sux. but oh well..lol.

  2. OH no for your friend. All my well wishes out for him.

    You are going every 2 weeks already? I don't think I start that until 30 or 32 weeks. Heh, my next appt is my 28 week appointment, so maybe I'll go again at 30. Jeez, you'd think I'd remember this by now. But I really think it's not until 32. We'll see. I actually go weekly for all my ultrasound appointments, but I only see doc every 4 weeks. (and my appointments with him are ALWAYS long. Each time. Each baby. But I adore him so I'll waste days and days in those waiting rooms!)


  3. I was surprised that I have to go every 2 weeks already. Then every week at 32 weeks. And nothing is wrong with us. Maybe she's just being careful because of the blood pressure issue, ivf, and threat of placenta problem.

  4. I'm so glad everything is going well with your baby!! You are doing great!! I'm also glad that your friend is doing better too. Hugs!


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