Sunday, October 5, 2008

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Me at Enchanted Rock (near San Antonio, TX) this year. I look dreamy, but really I was just hot and tired from hiking. This was on our trip for our 4th anniversary on Valentine's Day. We had a really good time. We stayed in Fredericksburg in a great B&B.

This is 3 in 1! This is my lovely husband Nathan (not the best pic), my super cutie niece (brother's daughter) Mya, and my little baby precious kitty Little Garfield or Lil G for short. (His daddy is Big Garfield.) This is a little crazy, but we babysat my niece the whole weekend and week before our anniversary and brought her back to her parents on our way to Fredericksburg. They live in San Antonio about 5 hours away. She was super sick that week, so things got crazy, but we handled it.

This is her Valentine's Day outfit I got her. So cute!

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  1. We had our fourth anniversary this year, too. Cute pics!


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