Friday, October 10, 2008

The house and B's photo shoot

So here's a pic of the outside of our house. It's very unique. This is one of the main things that drew us in, the architecture of the house. It was built around 1928. We know a little history of the house from some old letters we got from our real estate agent. The Hamms built the house, and the Phelans owned the house for a while. They had servants and nannies to keep their many children. The third floor was used for the childrens' playroom.
And here is a pic from B's photo shoot. She loves having her picture taken. B stands for whatever you want it to: Bad, Big, Beautiful, but mostly bad. She is the Queen Bee of the house and yard. She can be very sweet and loving or very mean. She has bitten me twice. One of them got a nasty infection, and I had to get on antibiotics and get a tetanus shot! Crazy cat... but we love her. She sleeps with us sometimes, and if you try to move her, she growls and bites.
I went to a daycare in our neighborhood this morning, and I loved it! Of course I would rather stay home with him for more than two months, but this is second best. The place is in a business area, but it's an old house that was converted. There are 4 infants under 1 kept in a room together with a very sweet lady who cares a lot about the babies. The place was clean, organized, quiet, and peaceful. I read up on the place before I went to see what the results were on past inspections, and they were very good. There were a few little violations (hand-washing, broken toys) but nothing as bad as what I saw at other fancier places (hitting, cursing at children, children in the street). It made me feel so much better to have that experience. The owner was very nice, and assured me I have a spot for March, when I plan on going back to work.

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  1. I love your house! So unique, so much character.
    And the cat is pretty darn cute, too!


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