Friday, October 24, 2008

Things I don't love

Ok. Here's my disclaimer: This reflects my personal opinion only. If you disagree, I'm open to hear about it.
Five Serious Ones:
1. Government Aid Programs getting excessive - I believe that there is a need for govt. programs that give health insurance to children and elderly and food for low income families in need, but this aid should limited to those truly in need. I have a real problem with people on aid that somehow have the money for other luxuries, but no money for food and no desire to work. And aid going to illegal immigrants... If you don't pay taxes, you shouldn't get anything. It's simple. It's not free hand-outs. Let's hope some reform is coming or else our tax rate will be 90% before we know it.

2. Bad drivers - This applies to drunk drivers, fast drivers, cell-phone talking drivers, and other people not paying attention. Sometimes I wonder, if that person that just almost ran into me knew I was pregnant, would they have been more careful? People should always drive with caution.

3. Racism - I live in an area of the world where racism runs rampant. Some of my family and my in-laws say horrible hurtful things about groups of people. It really bothers me. Let's give each person a chance in this world.

4. Sexism - I truly believe that men and women are equal. We are very different of course, but equal. I want to be treated the same, paid the same, and given the same amount of respect as any man.

5. Abortion - I really hate it. Coming from someone who tried for 3 years to get pregnant, killing an unborn child is unspeakable. There are other options out there. My parents were both adopted, so as much as I'll never understand their mother's decision to not want to raise them, I respect them for giving life to their child. On the other hand, do I think abortion should be legal? Yes, I do. Strange as it may sound, abortion has gone on from the beginning of time, and it will continue. Young girls will die in black market clinics for a bad decision. I hate it, but I think it should be legal.

Not so serious:
6. Ugly feet - Need I say more?

7. Bad table manners - Some members of my family are guilty of this... yuck.

8. Bad children in public - Ok, no kid is perfect, but don't ignore your kid when they are screaming their head off and throwing things at people!

9. People who wear strong perfume/cologne - OMG I accidentally sat next to a lady at jury duty wearing a whole bottle of nasty cheap perfume, and I could barely breathe.

10. Dirtiness - I'm some what of a neat/clean freak, and I can't hardly stand leaving dirty dishes in the sink, too much dirty laundry, or dirty floors.

Today we go to the perinatologist in Houston! I'll try to update tonight if I have time.

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