Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Saturday I went to mom's to visit with her and her friend from out of town. Then we went to the funeral and visited with the in-laws. I absolutely hate to see Nathan upset, and his family is all very close so there were some sad moments.
Sweet Pawpaw: My grandpa (mom's dad) heard that we had our baby bed on layaway, and he decided he wants to pay it off. We got one that is a little more expensive because we don't have to buy any other furniture for the nursery. Plus I want something nice that will last for a couple of kids. Thanks Pawpaw! We are planning on getting the bed this weekend and putting it together. That will fulfill my nesting for this weekend!

Britton's shower:Today was Britton's baby shower. We went to college together and still get to hang out here and there. She got a lot of cute stuff and looks absolutely beautiful! What a cute baby belly! Her baby is coming Nov. 20 and will be a surprise!

And I had to throw this one in there. He's such a cute guy!


  1. omgosh. You said you were "huge"! You are so not huge!!!

  2. Ok, so I feel huge, but I know that I'm not huge. That shirt is very loose and baggy like a tent. And my friend Britton is very big compared to me.


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