Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boo n Pawpaw

Boo is with his pawpaw, my dad today. YIKES!! I'm freaking a little. Dad makes me nervous. He's so stubborn. I hope he at least attempts to do things like I asked. I went over there this morning to find their cat killing a bird at the back door. Nice. Bird was still alive and trying to fly away. Feathers everywhere. Then dad was still asleep. I tried to call on my way, but he didn't answer. So I was pretty late to work, but oh well. Dad had to get up and get ready, and then he had to dispose of dead bird.

I have gotten really into cloth diapers. I was buying something almost every day, which adds up in money! But I still have to wash every day or every other day to have enough. I am really going to try to stop buying, but it's hard when I see something cute. I'll try to just enjoy the things I get in the mail. Buying things on diaper swappers and etsy is addictive. sells new and used. I have only bought things in "like new" condition with no stains or problems, and I have gotten some nice things and saved money vs. new. And it will be nice if I want to sell some things Boo grows out of. I will probably keep them though and hope to have another baby... one day... not anytime in the near future.

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  1. Watch on on diaperswappers. They are notorious for not outting scammers and lately have had terrible malware issues. Try They protect their members from scammers... if you come over to CDN my username is Rocket Queen.

    Oh and have you found hyenacart yet?


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