Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm sad today. Boo is with Pam and Jessie Mawmaw (Nathan's aunt and grandmother). I am super grateful that they were able to put aside everything to babysit. Boo is really having trouble when I leave. It's almost harder leaving him now than it was when he was super little. At least then he didn't cry for me. It breaks my heart. He was cranky last night and this morning. When they got to the house, he just stared at them, then looked at me with big wide sad eyes. I hate leaving him. I feel like a horrible person. I know... I know... Everybody does it. I'm not horrible. Whatever. I feel horrible. I called them when I got to work, and he was doing better. And I know it's good for him to spend time with them, especially mawmaw. She really doesn't see him very much, and when she does, there are usually a lot of people around, and she doesn't get to hold him and talk to him. But it's still hard for me to know that he was crying when I left.

I'm off tomorrow! So Yay!

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  1. Around the 8th month seperation anxiety will start. The stranger danger as they call it will come on and children will cry when being left or even held by a unfamiliar adult. Im only a few months away from it and just liek u it will make me so sad when I leave him even if its with the grandmas it will still make me feel bad. Ill just have to keep saying look at all the quality time I DO spend with him though.

    sorry =(


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