Monday, September 21, 2009

Babysitter Scramble

This is going to be a babysitter scramble week. Paulina's son is sick! Yesterday was neighbors and today is Stephanie. We are so blessed to have help. Tomorrow is mom. I think I am going to take off Thursday. Scrambline does a number on my nerves. I just worry. I just wish I could stay with him everyday. But I know his relationships to other people are important too. It's so hard to let go even a little bit! Nathan thinks I'm nuts, especially when I complain about little things. He is going out of town tonight, so it's all me! Mom may spend the night. It's really nice to at least have someone there with me for 30 mins to help with Boo so I can bathe and eat. Some nights, Boo takes a little nap or goes to bed early, but some nights... like last night... he doesn't, and help is nice. Oh, and he was grinding his teeth last night!! How crazy is that? I didn't know babies did that. Weird...

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