Sunday, September 13, 2009

The kids

Mya and Boo are so funny together. They really are as close as brother and sister. It's so nice to see them together. Boo cracks up laughing when she is just sitting down being quiet. He thinks she is hilarious. Me, Nathan, and Mya were just sitting there watching him laugh at nothing. They really had fun when he was in his Johnny Jumper. He loves it. He loves standing up. I think he really wants to walk. Now also with the closeness comes jealously and fighting... already! In the backseat of the car, Boo started screaming. She had obviously done something to him and wouldn't say what. Finally I got out of her that she hurt his toe. She apologized. He forgives easily.

Boo did better last night and only woke up twice. I am really loving wool shorties! No leaks. We actually had more leaks with disposables, especially with nasty poo. So it's gross to deal with the poo diaper, but I would rather deal with that than deal with poo all over Boo and his clothes with a disp. diaper. I got my new dozen of Green Mountain Diaper (GMD) prefolds (PFs). I love! Now I just have to prep them which is a pain. I wash and dry 3 times. Our water bill is going to be high this month. I've spent about $450 on my stash of CDs! Yikes! I think I am done buying now. And I had to get enough to give some to Paulina to use and still have enough for nighttime. She really likes them. I will be evened out on costs in about 4 months or so by not buying disposables. I have plenty of Huggies for going to church or babysitters or just for a break. Then I think he will be in this size CDs for a long time. You wouldn't want to start using CDs when your child was at the upper range of a size, then have to buy another size shortly after. But is a good place to sell CDs, so I guess that would be ok, or if you are pretty sure you will have another child. Then you really save!!

We are going to see Nathan's family today. His cousin Seth graduated Marine boot camp! So we are celebrating with him. He is home. Hope everybody has a good day.

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