Thursday, September 24, 2009


Me and mom and Boo had fun yesterday. Boo got a lot more comfortable with Mom after spending the day with her. He slept better too. But we will be glad for Daddy to come home today! We miss him. I am really going to enjoy being home today with Boo! I just love him to pieces. He is very rough and tough. He bites, pulls hair, slaps me, jumps on me, climbs on me, and I still love him!

I have ordered some super cute woolie longies that I can't wait to get in. I love Etsy! Go to and click on past creations. OMG! So cute! They are meant to be diaper cover for cloth diapers. Wool is so awesome! I wish I would have discovered sooner. I can go all night without changing a diaper. It would work very well to contain leaks in disposable diapers too. I ordered a pair of long green pants with a bright green dinosaur, the one with multicolor in the body. They are custom made to fit for only $23! I would have bought any one of her pants from Etsy, but they are not the right size for Boo. Can't wait!

I also have some shorties from that work very well.

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  1. We only use wool around her because Q's skin reacts to the PUL coating on plastic covers. LOVE it! Her soakers are cute!


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