Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So tonight we began our adventures in cloth diapering. I have a big stash of stuff.

2 wool shorties
2 Prowrap covers
1 Bummis superbrite
2 AIO (All-in-one) handmade
1 handmade cover
various doublers
16 premium sized Indian prefolds

Everything is size medium. Most of the stuff is really too big. Trying it on was interesting... to say the least. It would be easier to start CDing earlier before your child is a wiggle worm! I have to fight Boo to get any kind of diaper or clothing on. So trying to use a snappi to fasten a prefold that is way too big is impossible. The AIOs I bought are way too big. But too big is ok because I know he will fit in them soon. The Prowraps covers are really nice. They were the cheapest too I think. They have gussets on the legs that actually fit. His CDed bum is really big and fluffy! It will be nice to get the smaller prefolds in. I also ordered some AIOs that are smaller. I will have to figure out how to fasten a prefold if I want to use the woolies! Maybe I should practice on a stuffed animal! That will be funny.


  1. Yes we have been CD for awhile and there little bottoms look huge in them!

  2. Definitely practice on a stuffed animal. It gets easier. But then the kids get more active and mobile so it turns into a straight up wrestling match complete with screaming and body slams. DS can't even wear premiums and he is 17 months. I imagine those swallow poor Boo!


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