Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Work

It's hard to go back to work after being off for four days. I do trust and appreciate our friends and family that help with babysitting, so it's not really that. I just miss him. He was sleepy and sad when I left him this morning. I hope he didn't get too upset. Plus it's hard with the bottles. We are only doing breastmilk, so whatever was pumped it what he gets. It works out, but most people probably think I should give extra "in case" he gets hungry. But he doesn't take formula well sometimes. And sometimes when I mix the breastmilk with formula and he doesn't drink it all, the breastmilk gets wasted. I don't like that. I sit here and pump, so I want him to get it. I give a bottle of juice too. So it works out. He eats baby food too. It definitely would be easier for me to give him formula, but I am committed to BFing, and I only nurse him when I am not working.

I'm not sure what happened with the diaper last night, but we had major pee leak at 4:30 am. I will re-lanolize tonight. So I had to change him and change my clothes. He was completely awake and happy to get up, kicking his legs and laughing and screaming (for fun). He finally fell asleep around 5:30, just in time for Nathan's alarm clock to start going off. Boo slept, but I didn't. Nathan doesn't understand why I get upset when he snoozes on his alarm clock for an hour... Maybe sleeping in separate rooms isn't such a bad idea.


  1. I hate when my husband snoozes the alarm clock over and over again. It leaves me feeling like I never went to sleep.

    What kind of dipes do you use overnight? We use cloth all day long but I put a Chlorine free sposie diaper on right before bed. Im to chicken to cloth over night.

  2. Your doing so good momma. What a lucky little man he is for getting all that breastmilk. And at this stage, my pediatrician says we need to be giving more food than milk anyway, so about 30 ozs is good. If he gets hungry, give him more solids.

    I wanted to ask about the juice thing. My pediatrician says no juice until the 1 year mark, and at that time, give a 50/50 split of juice/water ~if~ we decide on giving juice. What does your pedi say about it? (totally not saying you are doing anything wrong, I know there are tons of differing opinions about it. Just wanted to know what your pedi says about it.)

  3. I'm with you on the BFing! Lincoln will be 10 months this week and I'm starting to naturally wean (cried about it) but I still have a freezer supply full. People that never breastfed have no idea or understanding as to why it is so important to us. I lost a 3 month supply of BM over the summer when our freezer malfunctioned and no one understood why I was depressed for days on end. BM is the equivolant of liquid gold, who wants to waste even one drop? Not me, and clearly not you either. Keep up the good work Mama!

  4. I hope the leaks stop! For a while Q would have leaks no matter what so I made a fleece pad for him to sleep on (fleece works similarly to wool) and we swore by that thing until he finally stopped nursing so much and therefore soaking his diaper.

    BTW, check my blog for a little surprise!


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