Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Boo

Boo has been so good with me this weekend. I do wish that all I had to do was play and hold him, but you all know there is a lot for a momma to do, especially one who is hosting a baby shower today. I am doing most of the food, and Jenn is doing the cake, decorations, and it's at her house. So it's a lot on both of us. I have tons of stuff to bring to her house. I LOVE the reusable grocery bags from HEB. Instead of 100 little bags, you fit everything into 5-6 big bags. Much faster to bring in the house. No tearing, breaking. And it will be easier to get stuff to Jenn's house. We are having deli meat/cheese sandwiches. I bought the good stuff. I got fresh fruits, veggies, dips, chips, drinks, salad. It doesn't sound like much. It seemed like a lot of work though. I went a little crazy at BRU yesterday. We are doing a clothesline for decorations. So you gotta have enough clothes to make it look cute right? I did get various sizes though. If it's too much, I may take a few things back.

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