Thursday, September 17, 2009

Letting go of shame and guilt!

I am officially letting go of all shame and guilt associating with how I raise my child. I will no longer feel guilty or apologize for the following actions:
  1. Public breastfeeding, including in front of male friends and family. I do try to be discreet.
  2. Cosleeping. We have hesitated to call it that, but it is! And I think it's ok!
  3. "Spoiling" our child. Ok, so he likes to get his way. And he ususally gets it. It's ok! He's a baby! If he wants momma, he gets momma, if he wants to nurse, he gets to nurse! He does have to cry for a minute if I need to go to the bathroom or wash my hands, but I'm not going to let him scream unless I absolutely have to. I worked really hard to bring this child into the world. I enjoy being with him and making him happy.

My grandpa actually made some comments about how the cloth diapers look on Boo, that his legs are spread too far apart. I'm not going to worry about that. He doesn't even walk yet. By the time he does, I think he will be big enough for his legs not to spread so much.

I encourage each of you to let go of something too. It feels good to be free!

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  1. Im sorry so many people give you a hard time. I will tell you one thing be confident in your descision and other will learn to accept your choices. It is your son.

    I commend you in your decision to breastfeed its a great thing for both of you. Landon and I have a great relationship due to breastfeeding. Co-sleeping so many peope have ao many views on it. If it works for your family, then great! Every family deals with crying differently and thats Ok!

    If the diaper has to much bulk in the middle you could do the bikini twist with the prefold. People alwaysmake a comment on Landons big diaper butt. Oh well I dodnt care. I just say yes hes very absorbant and smile.


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