Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You ask - I answer

I like questions... makes me feel loved!

What does our dr say about giving baby juice?
Dr said that juice is ok once a day mixed half with water. I'm not sure why there are so many different views on juice. I know that babies need formula or breastmilk first of all. But we use juice as a back-up method, and he only gets it occasionally, maybe a couple times a month.

What cloth diaper do we use at night?
We usually do a green mountain red edge prefold or a little lions fitted with wool shorties. I do a big thick doubler for night and usually don't change till morning. We have only had that one leak. I am lanolizing those right now, and hopefully that will help. I like the idea of a pad under him in our bed. I will try one of his waterproof pads tonight. It's soft and doesn't even feel plasticy at all. Last night I did a prefold with a normal weight doubler because I didn't know he was ready for bed, with a bummis superbright cover, and he was fine at 5:30 am when I changed him.

Poor Boo had a rough day yesterday. I am very thankful for Nicole for watching him. When I got to her house after work, he looked content on the floor playing with his toys, and when he saw me, he screamed (happy) and grinned and kicked. I picked him up and he was just so excited to see me. She said he was depressed all day and moped around. He didn't scoot or climb or scream or anything. That makes me sad. I really hope Paulina can babysit again soon. Boo does better with her. I know he just can't remember people for long right now, and when he gets bigger he will. It just broke my heart yesterday. I am home with him today since our babysitter for today is sick. Tomorrow and Thursday I am supposed to have a sitter. And Nathan is supposed to come home after lunch for me to go to work for a little while.

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