Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not too bad!

I think our pics turned out pretty cute! Nathan is definitely a better photographer than me. And I do pretty good with the editing. So together, we are a good team. We bought a set of bright lights from Walmart for $35, and they did help. We probably could have used another set. We didn't get to take many pics before Boo got cranky, so we only did that outfit. I bought a dark navy sheet last night to try using it as a backdrop. And I think it will be nice because you won't be able to see the shadows. We are certainly not pros, but the pics are cute.

I can't stop myself from buying baby clothes!! It is just now our first cool day here in SE TX, so I am excited that Boo can wear one of his many many long sleeved shirts that I have bought. We went to the mall yesterday just to get out of the house, and I needed some Clinique stuff. And of course I bought him some clothes. Gap was having a good sale, so I got some cute stuff from there. We will try to take some pics with those outfits. $20 for a dress shirt for a baby. Crazy I know. He can wear it today to Steph's house.

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