Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun weekend

Friday I went to the dentist, got a flu shot, and got an eye exam. I went home between appts, but Nathan was with Boo pretty much all day. It's good for them to spend time together. My bill at TSO (eye place) was $850!! Vision insurance covered about $300. I am getting new regular glasses and new sunglasses. The frames were about $130 each, not too bad. They are really cute. My prescription is really high, so my lenses are super expensive. I got the super duper extra thin for my clear glasses, and they will still be sort of thick. My eyes haven't changed this year, which is good. I saw a different dr than normal, and she was super nice. I worry that Boo will have crappy vision. She suggested testing him out to see if he sees objects from far away. And definitely an eye exam before kindergarten.

We went to Tiffany's birthday party Friday night, and it was super fun. It was a surprise, and she was really surprised.

Saturday I had Boo and Mya.

Sunday we went to Nathan's parent's church and to their house most of the day. It was nice to visit with them. Boo has been acting a little weird. He keeps sticking out his tongue like it hurts. Maybe he bit it, but I don't see anything wrong.

And he is really having a hard time with lumpy foods still. I fed him some little puffs and bananas the other day and he vomited everything. He just gags and coughs and turns red and throws up. He likes sticking things in his mouth, but he doesn't like swallowing them. I read about sensitive gag reflex, and it sounds like it's fairly common, but then one of the articles mentioned that it could be an indicator for developemental delays. So of course that makes me worry. I try not to worry, but I'm his mom. I have to. I feel so bad when the food I give him makes him sick.

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