Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 months

Today is Boo's 9 month check up. I don't think I ever really posted to recognize his 9 month birthday. So here are the milestones he has met:
scooting with belly on the floor
pulling up
learning to fall down with some control
babbling (baba, mama, dada, gaga, goo goo, etc)
loving his bathtime
being the cutest kid in the world!

Here are a few we are behind on:
eating foods that are chunky
saying anything with meaning
sleeping through the night.

Oh well. He's got the cute milestone down. And he's learned how to get me wrapped around his tiny little finger. He does eat the "biter cookies" but that just turns to mush when he chews on it. We have tried the chunkier foods, but he still gags and chokes. And we tried the little puffs. He did ok with them if I broke them up and smooshed them. We will continue to dabble with them. We'll see what the dr says about all this.

Overall, I'm pretty sure I have a healthy happy child. The rest should come in time.

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