Friday, October 16, 2009

Dr appt

Boo is little! He only weighs 17 lbs. 10 oz. for 8% and I think 28" long about 50%. Dr didn't seem worried about his weight. He said that when babies start moving around more, they tend to go down in weight. I do feed him a lot. Sometimes he doesn't want to eat his food. The dr seemed more worried about the fact that Boo doesn't like to eat chunky foods. Boo chokes and gags. Dr said something about oral desensitization. Sounds scary. I will have to research that one and get back to you. Dr said to try chunky foods now and then and not to push the issue too hard just yet. Goal is table food by 12 months. The kid does have 6 teeth. So we will work on that. Boo got the first dose of the flu shot. He cried for half a second. Then I picked him up and he was fine. Then he got blood taken for routine bloodwork. He did very well. He cried only because we were holding him still. Then he was fine. It was crazy busy at dr office and we were there over 2 hrs. It was hard holding Boo and keeping him entertained! But a good report. Now he will have to go back next month for flu shot #2.

When we got home and I changed Boo's diaper and clothes, he was cranky and tired and screaming. I thought... hmm... he cries way more for a diaper change than for getting shots! Silly kid.

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