Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am really touched by MckMama's blog today. Stellan has been sick and is starting to improve, but is still in bad shape. Her post on her marriage really touched me today as we are dealing with some problems. Nothing "major" or terrible, just hardships that come up with a young child. That sounds terrible. It's not Boo's fault, and I never get upset with him. It's been hard for us to get along and to cooperate with each other on making a house run and taking care of a child. I'm trying not to say that I think I'm perfect and he is completely wrong, but of course that's how I feel. MckMama's blog talks about some of the difficulties they have had and that marriage is difficult and is something that has to be worked on. I think that with a young child, there is not much time to spend on your marriage. And it may be typical for the mother to feel that she does everything. Or that any help from father is hard to get. So we are having some hard times right now. We are not really even fighting. Just not working well together. I guess I always thought that problems in a marriage meant screaming at each other. It can be just as miserable to not talk sometimes. We have our good days and bad days. I try to concentrate on the good. But it's hard.


  1. Yes, I can relate to this post. Marriage is hard, then you add a child and it becomes even harder. Both people want what is best for that child, but they don't always agree what the best is.
    Hugs to ya! It will smooth itself out soon!

  2. We all go throught it. So much harder with a baby and so less time to spend together. Time is now spent in a different way.


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