Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm so happy to be on vacation this week. I think Nathan will be off Wed, Thurs, and Fri with us, so that will be nice. He worked on the house, installing a new A/C vent all weekend. For those of you who don't live in SE TX, it's super hot, into the 100ยบ mark most days. So me n Boo will spend most of our time indoors. We did go to a pool party Saturday. Boo liked swimming. He looks so cute in his swimsuit. There was a near-miss incident with a little girl who fell in the pool. Her mother just happened to look over and see the 2 year old girl in the bottom of the pool, no floaties, just laying there. She jumped in with her infant son in arms and grabbed up the girl who thankfully started crying and was fine. A scary reminder how dangerous pools are. There were no adults in the pool at the time. Everyone was getting ready to leave. There really should be a "lifeguard" assigned to watch the pool at all times. And I should brush up on my CPR, just in case I need it. God was watching out for her that day.

And I got to see Mya "feed" her baby doll at church.

I'm waiting for the City to call or come out today and fix a leaking main water supply that is flooding our yard. I will have to move the dogs for them to go into the yard. Big. Stinky. Yucky. Wet. Dogs.

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  1. omg. the kid was at the bottom of the pool? Holy shit. That'd be overwhelming for me.

    Have a wonderful time!


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