Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mya see Mya do

Mya is just at the right age where she watches and learns from everything we say and do. But she's also at the right age where she believes everything we say. She does ask "why?" a lot, but not really "how does that work?" So she has been seeing me BF Chesley from day one.

I was on the phone with Paulina yesterday, and she said, "You would not believe what she is doing!"
I hear, "Mya, what are you doing? Are you feeding your baby?"

She was "breastfeeding" her baby doll... lifting up her shirt and putting her baby under there.

I laughed. What do you say to her? She's not doing anything wrong, maybe a little unconventional for a three year old. I'm sure she's not the first little girl to do that, but it was really funny and priceless.

She has always loved her baby dolls, but since Chesley has come around, she really knows more about babies and what to do with them. She feeds them, puts them in their swings, car seats, chairs, lays them down, makes them go "night night." Funny how that mommy instinct comes out early in some of us.


  1. i saw u called on the caller id.
    I've been out of town for nearly 2 weeks.. i'm sorry if you needed me to watch the baby.. please forgive

  2. Thats a great imagination. Its very healthy for her to mimic and also very loving of her to feed her baby. I own a preschool and since having Landon some of my kids including some boys have been mimicing me breastfeeding. They use babydolls or stuffed animals.Just make sure nobody embaress her about it,its completely normal and Ok.


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