Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 months

Yesterday was Boo's 5 month birthday. Time goes by so fast. He is eating fruits, veggies, and cereal. He is still nursing and drinking pumped breastmilk while I work. He is happy and sweet and loves attention. He loves family gatherings and being held by different people. He loves his aunt Paulina. He really loves his cousin Mya. He enjoys watching her play, eating her toys, talking with her in their own special language. He loves mommy and daddy. He is so happy when he sees his daddy in the evenings. They have a special bond. Nathan buzzed all his hair off and Boo loves to rub Nathan's head. He laughs and cackles. Boo has started scooting around on the bed. He puts his nose in the bed and picks up his butt and scoots around. It's super cute. He likes crackley noises, like bags of chips. He likes to play and be entertained. He does NOT like to nap or lay down. He does NOT like if you take something away from him that he was enjoying. He does NOT like to have his diaper changed when he is very hungry. He does NOT like to take a bath by himself.

Just thought I would share with you about Boo. He is getting a sweet little personality already. With a little attitude on the side.

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