Saturday, June 20, 2009

At home on a Saturday

We are at home today just playing and talking and hanging out. We are going to a friends 30th birthday party for a little while tonight. It's a pretty quiet weekend so far. For Father's Day we will go to church then go hang out with Nathan's family. Nathan has been working on the house this weekend where we have some damage from Hurricane Ike where a tree fell next to the house. We need to keep up with the house maintenance better (we meaning Nathan). This job loss scare has definitely taught us a few lessons. If he would have lost his job, it would have been difficult to pay for repairing the house in case we need to sell it. We have a lot of rotten siding and trim on the exterior plus the hurricane damage. So maybe he can fix these things. Then if we need to or want to sell the house we would be in a better position to do so. I waiver between wanting to move and wanting to stay. If we sell the house and move into a cheaper house, one day I would probably be able to stay home. But selling a house is a lot of work, invasion of privacy every day with strangers coming to see your house while you are at work and in the evenings and weekends at a moments notice. So it's not something to go into lightly. Plus taking care of a child... So I don't know. For now, just keeping up with the house better is a good idea whether we go or stay.

I'm definitely reminding myself we are fortunate and blessed to both have jobs. Babies cost lots of money!

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