Thursday, June 4, 2009


It's funny how when times change, perceptions change. I know some people who have good incomes and live very simple lives. I could never understand why they didn't live in a fancy house and drive fancy cars. Don't they "deserve" nice things for working so hard? I thought, you can't take your money with you, why not spend it? Hmmm... Now with job loss being on the table, I understand those people.

I used to think it was perfectly acceptable for people to let babies cry themselves to sleep. I even laughed at family members who fed their baby at every wimper. I thought, it's good for kids to cry. It makes their lungs strong. They need to learn that they can't have their way. People always ask how the baby is doing. I say he's doing well and getting big. Then they ask how is he sleeping. Not so great I say. They judge me for not letting him cry. They laugh and say I must not be tired enough. I assure you. I am tired. Hmmm... Now that I have a child, I can't bear to hear him cry. It breaks my heart into a million pieces.

Last night was interesting. I came home, nursed Boo, we rested for a little while. When Nathan came home, I had him feed Boo, which was funny. Nathan can't hardly stand the mess that is made when Boo eats. Then Boo got sleepy and took a nap. We ate dinner and watched tv. Then the lights went out. It rained a lot here yesterday afternoon. Sometimes the transformers get water in them and them blow up. It was super loud. Then we talked and hung out in the almost dark. I took a shower in the almost dark. Then Boo woke up and I gave him a bath. He seemed ok, but after 1 minute in the tub, he started screaming. I quickly finished his bath. He kept screaming through getting dressed. I was singing to him while he cried. Then he immediately fell asleep at 8:00 pm. Up at 12, 2, and 5 am. Nathan thinks he shouldn't go to sleep so early. There is nothing I can do about it. Boo was crying and just passed out.

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