Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

I probably use that title a lot, but our weekends have been really busy lately... We had a birthday party for Nathan's grandmother and my grandfather all together on Saturday at our house. It was really fun. They were like two little kids sitting there eating birthday cake big smiles on their faces. They are both 78 years old. They have done so much for us. They deserve our appreciation. Yesterday was church, then a baby shower for Charmaine. She is so cute! Her baby is due in 5 weeks. She is having a little girl.

This weekend is Mya's bday. Then Sunday is baby dedication at church and probably a family lunch after that. See why I need Fridays off?

I promise I will put up some pics soon. I have some cute ones. I just never get on the computer when I'm home. I'm like Mrs. Super Multi-tasker at home. Feed a baby, wash clothes, cook dinner, sweep the floor, etc. Busy busy bee!

Little boy is doing so much more now. He plays with toys, stands up (for a minute with help), sits up with help, smiles, laughs sometimes for no real reason, "talks", slaps, kicks, all that fun stuff!

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