Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy Day

Today me and Paulina and the kids went to run some errands. We got mom's birthday present, I won't say in case she reads, and Nicole's birthday present. Nicole bought some shoes for Boo that didn't fit, so I exchanged them for Micah's birthday present. They didn't have any baby stuff there. It was busy, but it's nice to get things done. The kids were pretty good. Mya saw the golden arches so we had to eat there. Boo has been into screeching and screaming lately, for fun of course. I think he is experimenting with his voice. Sometimes it sounds mad, but it's just loudness. And he likes eating his toes, all ten at once if possible. Right now he is sitting in my lap sqealing and licking and sucking on my arm... probably not so clean, but oh well. My arm is like a slip n slide right now... yuck.

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