Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Awesome neighbors

My neighbors are so awesome! They kept Boo yesterday, and they have him again today. He is getting super spoiled over there, which I won't complain about. They said he didn't cry at all. It was very nice for me to just load up, drive across the street, unload, and go to work. Too much stuff to carry across the street. Of course I miss Paulina, and I don't think my neighbors would want to keep him every day, but it is nice to have a good back-up. Boo didn't sleep good last night. I think he got used to being held all day yesterday. Hopefully today they put him down at least a little bit and let him sleep without being held. But the most important thing is that he is well taken care of and loved.

We went out to eat last night! All together! Crazy, I know. Boo was very good. He has this new thing that he "talks" super loud. People probably thought he was crying, but no, my son is just loud. It sounds like he is complaining about something or just being very serious. I was trying to feed Boo breakfast, but he had too much to say. Oh well. He can just drink extra milk. I called Nathan while Boo was talking so he could hear. Funny.

I'm really looking forward to being off next week for vacation, or staycation as it happens to be. I just want some time with Boo, maybe do a few things around the house, maybe not. Nathan will be off Thursday and Friday for July 4 holiday.

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