Monday, March 2, 2009


So church was fun. We made it half way through till he got a little fussy. So we went and sat in the nursery. There were no babies in there, so it was just us. They have a monitor in there so we could hear the sermon. Everybody said he was cute... of course! Today I met my friend Britton for lunch at Olive Garden, and he was very good the whole time, either sleeping or just looking around. They have a lot of windows so he could see the sunlight. Then we went on a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller, and he slept the whole time. The roads are so bumpy, but it didn't bother him. It makes me mad when people drive too fast. I might would rather drive to a park and walk. And there are people cutting down tree limbs, and their truck and trailer are making it where you can't see to cross the street, whether in a car or on foot. So dangerous! It's a dangerous intersection normally, but that makes it worse. I said something to them, but they didn't care. It's one of those intersections where only one way has to stop. So someone could think no one is coming and get hit.

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