Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I've been pretty busy with a fussy boy. Well, not too fussy, but fussy for him. Lately he really does not cry unless he has a reason. So when he does cry it breaks my heart. He really screamed when he got his shots. It was so sad. He was happy and kicking and smiling and then... BAM... OW... He didn't know what was coming. But he only cried for maybe one minute then got really sleepy for the rest of the day. Dr said he looks good. He did give him some cream for his face so hopefully it will clear up. Chesley was in 50% for weight, 60% for length and 14% for head... not sure what that means, but dr didn't seem worried. Nathan didn't go. I was a little ticked. We've had this appt forever, but ok. Then Nathan asked me did I ask the dr this and that... No, and you should have gone if you had all those questions. I did ask a lot of questions, but not every single one he had. Whatever. Today Chesley has a fever and is a little fussy. Hopefully he feels better soon.

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