Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First real day at work

So today was my first real day at work and it had a crazy start. Paulina's car was hit at some point in the night, and she called me this morning and needed to take care of that, so I needed to try to find someone to keep Chesley or not go to work. And I had scheduled that class and already couldn't go yesterday, so I needed to go. Dad was off today, so it worked out that he could keep him. OMG you wouldn't believe how much crap I had to load up to bring with me... breast pump, my purse, diaper bag with clothes and diapers, lunch, coffee, bottles, and um... baby of course. I found out she wasn't coming at 7:10 am and I managed to get out the door at 8:00 am. Not too bad. I did the safety training, went to the plant and went over some things with my co-worker. Doesn't seem like I missed too much in 3 months. It felt good to be there and see everybody. I left at 1:30 pm. I really missed Chesley, but it was more like I was excited and looking forward to seeing him rather than being sad. So a pretty good first day.

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