Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy Day!

So I had my dentist appt this morning. All was good. Paulina came over to watch Chesley. Then we all went for a walk around the block, then to lunch at a nice restaurant, then to Goodwill, then home. We like to try to find things at thrift stores. I think after hanging out with the baby, Paulina and I are both feeling better about her watching him while I work. I'm still not happy about going back to work though. She is going to come over a couple of times with Mya to see how that feels with both of the kids.

I helped Paulina unpack a bunch of stuff at her house yesterday. It felt good to help. Chesley took a couple of long naps.

He did really well last night! Sleep at 10pm till 3:45 am then till 6:30am then till 8:30am.

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